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Touch the Soul

Harry Potter Fanfiction and FanArt
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Welcome to Erised's Mirror. Fanfiction and FanArt have been my crazed hobbies for a bit, so I figured why not create an community, yes?


1. There will be no discrimination in here. If you don't like something come to me, dreaming_ends, and I will deal with it. Harrasment will bot be tolerated, as moderator I will remove you from the community.

2. Join this community if you inted to write/draw and not just read/look. I know that's kind of harsh, however it is only fair.

3. All ratings are accepted from G to NC-17.

4. All posts are to be put behind and lj-cut, no exceptions. The rating, pairing, warnings, and author/authoress' name should be outside the lj-cut and a summary is optional.

5. All posts will be subject to a look through by dreaming_ends to make sure that there is no discrimination and that quality and quantity are present. After the entries are approved they will be posted immediatly.

6. All pairings are allowed, this includes yaoi, slash, yuri, and het. Anything heavier than that and it will have to be put into an email and sent to dreaming_ends first and heavy warning must be put beofer the lj cut (i.e. beastiary, necrophiliac... etc.)
The Ins, Outs, Hows, and Abouts

Once again, all ratings are allowed in posts. I simply want to create a community that people can go to enjoy Harry Potter fanfiction and fanart. I will be posting challenges every week for everyone and anyone to participate in and the specifics will be posted inside. If anyone wants to help please email me at dreaming_ends@yahoo.com. I'd very much enjoy and appreciate the help. So quills up and let the fun begin.

Tactus Animus